Corporate lettings

Market Leadership

Corporate lets benefit landlords with longer leases and premium rent. Our partnership with major employers, such as META (FACEBOOK), HSBC, WARNER BROS and Sony, helps their overseas employees find the perfect home. The high demand for properties in North and North West and West London areas, with great schools and strong transport links, positions us as the local market leader. 

Long Term Relationship

We have established lasting relationships with corporate relocation agents, unlocking valuable contracts with highly desirable tenants. Our expert local knowledge, experience, and dedication to lettings make us a top choice. Plus, our agents seek all property types, from one-bedroom apartments to large family homes.

Corporate Tenants We've Worked With

Corporate Tenants

Long Term Partnership

We take pride in maintaining a 98% retention rate among our landlords year after year.  This impressive statistic reflects our unwavering commitment to lettings and the robust partnerships we cultivate. 

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How Much is Your Property Worth?

How Much is Your Property Worth?

Taking the first step towards selling or renting your home begins with determining its worth. Our valuers are not only experienced and qualified, but also local to your area, making Northside's team the ideal choice for accurately valuing your property.

Expert valuation